FTTX Cables Production Line
Rafsanjan Industrial Complex
R I C History

Rafsanjan Industrial Complex Islamic Cooperative Co. was founded in 1981, aiming at the manufacturing of industrial and agricultural products. Having attracted investments from the agricultural sectorand channelingthem towards industrial productions, in a cooperative structure, our complex has played a major role in technological development and cooperative management in Iran.       RIC first commenced activity by establishing pistachio farming sector and an animal and poultry feed factory. Then, through...

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Fiber Coloring Machine OFC52
About OFC Factory Fiber Coloring Machine (OFC52)

Loose Tube Line (OFC40)
About OFC Factory Loose Tube Line OFC40


  • Outdoor Fiber optic cables

  • Indoor Optical Fiber Cables

  • FTTX Projects Cables

  • Telecom. Copper cebles